Many Small Miracles

We can do no great things,
only small things with great love.
~ Mother Teresa

investing in people overlay of Grand Canyon

Have you ever thought about the power of wind and water?

Both, mightily abundant and powerful. Yet, the wind, when given the time to do so, can blow away mountains. A single drop of rain is harmless, rivers of water, over millions of years, have carved out breathtaking canyons on our Earth.

What if we applied these principles to helping people financially?

$1 from one person, while generous, might only solve a small problem.

However, if a million people gave $1, many problems for many people could be helped.

This is the goal of Many Small Miracles, a group I recently formed. I was inspired by the life's work of Mother Theresa. She helped many by doing small things. Eventually, all the small things evolved into a very large movement to help many people.

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